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Welcome to the ‘Good Life’

Queen Hemp is a supplier of premium quality cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis products that include holistic properties which prevent and treat common physical and emotional ailments.  As consumers of our brand, we welcome you to experience the good life, powered by the virtues and healing properties of cannabis.

Carefully created with the chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp, Queen Hemp cannabis products are a safe and holistic alternative to tobacco, prescription drugs, and even recreational marijuana. Our products provide a soothing remedy for anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, inflammation, nervousness, and a weak immune system, among other issues.

Queen Hemp is both a black-owned and woman-owned brand with the mission to make our premium cannabis products available to everyone and increase the visibility of our own African-American community in the cannabis industry. Queen Hemp is not only about improving accessibility to high quality cannabis products but also providing products that are fun and enjoyable to consume.

Our portfolio is extensive, from terpene rich hemp buds with only trace amounts of THC to be  smoked or vaped, hemp edibles, flavored gummies, sour candy, lollipops, topicals, and THC-free water-soluble single serve CBD; all promote relaxation, and are designed to alleviate internal discomfort, pain, and inflammation.

Each one of our products is third-party lab tested and comes with a certificate of analysis for quality assurance. Our stringent quality measures begin at the point of cultivation to make sure the product you receive is 100% natural and safe to consume. In fact, we take great pride in providing superior quality, pure cannabis products with all of the hemp plant’s amazing health and wellness benefits and none of the side effects or addictive compounds found in other methods of treatment.

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